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Author and publisher Jesse Ben Andrus/Andros/Andrews has compiled World Wide Web pages that support his Jesse Ben’s History Page, which connects African and European Royalty in an American history setting. An amazing, and uplifting search for lost Royalty in the Americas.

Here is the Andrews/Andrus shield quartered with de Sausmarez part of an ancient family line with connections in America. Edward Andrews/Andrus (America 1639), and Gov. Edward Andros (1674) use green on gold saltire. With the many Andrews families and shields emerging, and (foresite) it was a necessity for Andrews/Andros to adopt the “Chief” argent three mullets sable. The last picture was used as an Official Seal with “Supporters” of the state of Connecticut. Beware! Don’t assume one of these Coat of Arms unless you can pay the College of Arms to register your lineage, or participate in the “Tornament”.

If any of these things are true I’d like to meet Prince Charles, or an emissary on an Island or somewhere, and ask him what does he think about the Andros in America story, and tell him what happened to Andrus in Louisiana was in response to them being noble, and questioning the government when something wasn’t right. I think their stories and souls are crying out to be heard, especially in the old south.

My sincere apologies to the Crown for all the mistakes, and dibble headed ignorance in terms of Royal protocol, and racial sensitivity. Special thanks to Prince Harry who’s web site came through when the animosity started in 2010. It was a very welcomed, important and most honorable statement, and I know your generation is even more tolerant of other races, and I commend all of you.

I ask you; Who is the enemy? Is it other religions or world governments? Misinformed man can be his own worst enemy.

When you get to my age, and you’re related to so many people, a musician, also a veteran of many years, its hard to hate. I do understand that nations hate one another for historical and economic reasons. To dislike events of the past is different from disliking individuals of today. This is a very special year for all, and hopefully the world will realize what Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II contributes in revenue to her country. She gives 85% or more of her income from Real Estate to the Government, which is unheard of with America’s “One Percent”, and she creates an estimated 96 billion pounds a year in tourism. These things reduce taxes on common people, and allow for the growth of their Nation. If New York city made that much from tourism, I don’t think it would “trickle down” to other parts of the country. The money seems to stay around Wall Street insiders.

Andrews ARMS—Gules, a saltire, or; surmounted of another, vert. CREST—On a wreath, a BlackaMoor’s head in profile, couped at the shoulders, and wreathed about the temples.

Here is the royal Governor Edmund Andrus more elaborate “Coat of Arms”, which includes the families of Andrews of Denton, King Malcolm III “Ceanmor” (Andrew) of Scotland and Queen Margaret (Anjou), de Haviland, de Sausmarez, de Saumarez, Crispe, and many others..

(Quarterly of eight): 1st and 6th Argent on a chevron Gules between three leopard’s faces Sable three castles Or (Saumarez); 2nd and 5th Gules a saltire Or surmounted of another Vert, on a chief Argent three mullets Sable (Andros); 3rd and 8th Ermine a fess checky Argent and Sable (Crispe); 4th and 7th Or on a chevron Sable five horseshoes Argent (Crispe) cf. 207. 10 (nephew of Thomas Andros/ Virginia)

Charles of Andrew

French Nobility



(Jan. 3, 2012) This Ermine of Brittany/England is part of the royal furs, which the king, queens, and other nobility wore, because of the colder climates. France was ruled also by the Fulks (folks) of Anjou(Andrew),


when the Anjou family asked Charles Martel (714 A.D.) to defend Europe after the (Jihadi) Muurs and Moslems of Arabia, crossed from Spain into France. Let us not forget that Andrew of Hungary, Germany, and Bavaria came to the aid of Charles Martel de Anjou, in order to repel the invaders. It was Charles Martel’s grandson Charlemagne“the Great” who united many kingdoms creating the “Holy” Roman Empire.

Around 1066 it is said that Sir Robert Andrews/Anjou, of Normandy, Knight. came into Denton (Dan-town), England with “William the Conqueror”, and married the daughter and heiress of Sir Robert of Winwick, in the county of Nort-Hammtun or North (Ham-town), a parish lying in the hundreds of “Guiles” burrows (with surnames), on the skirts of that county, upon the borders of Warwickshire. On this march he settled there (Winwick), and this place became the seat of his posterity for many ages. He was succeeded by his son and heir(s).

The French system of apanage is ancient, and was created to keep records, peace and harmony in the royal families. Words like birthright and inheritance, created fear in families, and caused jealousy, envy, and sometimes hatred. These attitudes suppressed the spiritual growth of the royal family, which is why the apanage system was created. 293 princes fighting for “Grand Prince” in Rus Land is why the confederacy collapsed, moving the (Anjou) Athelings and the Eastern Crown of Andrew to Scotland.

Who was this ancestor Sir Robert Andrews (d’Audrieu) of Normandy, and did he use different names or titles that could help us better connect with the family? I’ve played music for so many social affairs and private parties throughout Europe, with many world leaders and royals in attendance in the late 70’s. Had I known any of this history, I would have had more to speak on, and would have taken more interest in the history of the Castles and Estates we’ve performed and visited. I was at the gates of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Ronnie Scott’s jazz club on Frith Street, all in London, as a young man.(20)

Elizabeth Andrews b.1444 was the daughter and co-heir of John Andrews (b1421) of Weston in Norfolk & Elizabeth Stratton. Elizabeth Andrews was an ancestor of King Edward I. She married first Baron Thomas de Windsor and had a son, Andrew Windsor who was summoned to Parliament as Baron Windsor in 31 Henry VIII. She married second Sir Robert de Lytton, KB. This may explain why Edmund was always close to Queen Elizabeth I.

In 1543 Judith de Sausmarez of Guernsey married John Andrews/(Andros), of Charwelton, Northumberland, (John) whose ancestry can be traced back through 11 generations to Henry de Grey, (Elizabeth Poultney) through Richard’s brother Jean, and many generations beyond that to the first Dukes of Normandy and other members of English and French nobility prior to 1000 AD. (John Andrews certificate is from the family of Ralph Andrews of “Grays Inn”, son of Thomas Andrews, family of Sir Robert Andrews 1066.) Guillaume d’Audrieu (Battle Abbey Roll) and Robert d’Audrieu/Andrews

(Veterans Day 2011) In 1417, Henry V proclaimed the first criminal law in heraldic law: he outlawed the practice of assuming coats of arms Sir Jesse “de Sausmarez” Andros, descendant of Sir Robert Andrews 1066 (2002 – 2010) exile.

The proclamation also empowered the Sheriffs or other representatives of the king to deface the malefactor’s coat of arms, wherever it may have been-on his banner, his shield, or other chattels (like cars and business). The proclamation was related to the practice of heraldic visitations (Invisible College), which, though its earliest records date from the reign of Edward IV (the Black Prince), probably goes as far back as the reign of Henry V.

Heraldic visitations were made by the heads of the king’s heraldic establishment, the College of Arms, which was only formally organized in the reign of Richard III. However, the seeds had been sown years before. England was divided into “provinces,” similar to the archdiocesan division of England, with Norroy in the North, starting at the Trent, and Clarenceux south of the Trent(on)

The king’s chief heralds, called the Kings of Arms, were usually given the name of a province or one of his dominions… paramount King of Arms and had special duties towards the (Knights of the Garter), and were required by oaths dating from the reign of Henry V to take a survey of “all the armigers” in their provinces, which came to be called visitations, after the ecclesiastical inspections.

Usually, a visitation was preceded by a royal writ to the Sheriff of the shire in which the king of arms, or his chosen representative, usually one of the king’s lesser heralds, was to visit. The writ ordered the sheriff, or his subordinates, to give the visitor a “list” of all the men who used coats of arms, or who styled themselves (gentlemen), in the shire. Once the visitor arrived at the shire (town), he got “the list of gentry“, and either visited the gentry in their own houses, or had them summoned to the chief town in their wapentake.

When the (invisible) visitor had met the gentry, he asked them to “prove their right”, either by grant or demonstrating ancient use (that is, use since time out of mind), to the coats of arms that they used. Since grants of coats of arms were fairly uncommon, as they were a display of Royal favor, most gentlemen proved their rights by demonstrating ancient use, usually by displaying old sealed documents, stained glass, or other church monuments. If one could not prove his right to use a coat of arms, he was forced to disclaim his rights, and whatever bore this illegitimate coat of arms had to have it removed or defaced.

The Kings of Arms were also required to “know the family ties” of the gentlemen in their provinces, in order to cadence and quarter their coats of arms properly, and so, after proving their right to their coats of arms, the gentlemen stated their genealogy, as far back “as they could”. (Sir Anthony (Kt.) and family members)

My father was called Bute (Andrus), The Stewarts here in this story are the Stuarts of Bute, and family of Andrus. Uncles Jesse, Edward, and my aunts Putney, Irene, and Linda are all a part of the Stewarts of Bute, Scotlands move to Putney, England.

(Wikipedia “Bute”) This John Stewart(1360) was granted the lands of Bute, Arran and Cumbrae by his father. (King Robert II and Moira Leitch) He was known as the “Black” Stewart’ because of his dark complexion,… his brother was John Stewart of DunDonald, known as the “Red” Stewart. The grant of lands was confirmed in 1400 by a charter of Robert III… About 1385, John Stewart of Bute was granted the hereditary office of (Viscount) Sheriff of Bute by his father King Robert II “Stewart” of Scotland.

(Wikipedia “Putney”)King Charles II reviewed his forces on Putney Heath in 1684; in May, 1767, George III reviewed the Guards, and the Surrey Volunteers at the same spot in 1799.[9] According to Samuel Pepys, Charles II and his brother, the Duke of York used to run horses here. A stone and brick (Egyptian) obelisk was erected on Putney Heath in 1770…

“Now we see why Sir Edmond Andrus was the most controversial Royal Governor in American history. In the midst of all races, he was trusted by the most powerful kings and queens, because they knew he had true love for all people, including the indigenous people. He was governor of New Ham(p)shire, Maine, Massachusetts, (New England), Rhode Island, Connecticut, (New) York, (New) Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, British Virgin Islands, Guernsey, Sark and Alderney in the British Channel Islands. He was the brother in law of Lord William Craven of North Carolina and family of de Haviland and Carteret of (New) Jersey. His family is filled with many spiritual, controversial, philanthropic, charitable, and blessed world leaders in history.

“Some sites are controversial and have to be studied for their merit and truth. The authors views on race relations, history, and other issues are not my own, and only an insight into opposing views on (popular history.)”

“All races in America need to have informed reliable sources for their information and misinformation. Let us as men and women choose what to believe, when confronted with these historical questions. Many black and white people in America have been taught to hate the Royal Governors(1776)and Kings, because they feel no sovereign (so far away) should be able to control or tax them. We don’t hear the other side of the story, here in America, and no one knew that they would invent jet planes, telephones, computers, or the Andro. Now we’re back to 1776 with regards to taxes. Is the U.S. Government indebted to other countries?”

“No one should be dumbfounded by the fact these Web Sites have priority according to the web corporations involved, and not I. Even if I had no Lady Andros blood in me, and had lost in the “tournament”, I know that many, many people will benefit from my story, and our children will find each other, and communicate with a new found respect, and love for education and history.” Jesse Ben Andrus

Black British Royalty

(This is a Black History web site)
This family was strongly associated with the Scottish Clan Ros, . It was originally known as the Clan Siol Andrea, meaning the race of Andrew. However, from about the (Varangian Rus, Ethiopian Ras and Ros-Icrusians) Kievan Rus – Phoenician Andrus– Greek Andros/Andreas – Russian Andrus- Danish/ Hungarian Andras- Spanish Andres -French/Canadian Andre – Scottish/Irish/British/American “Andrew”

..English Monarchs – Kings and Queens of England – Charles II. (British Royals history web site.)

One of the nick-names he acquired was the Black Boy . His height, at six feet two Charles then spent six desperate weeks as a fugitive in hiding in England, …. much time at a convent at Hammersmith and later moved to Somerset House.

EgyptSearch Forums: Black Nobility of Europe – How it’s Hidden

(This is a Black History web site)
Aug 9, 2010 – This family was strongly associated with the Clan Ross. It was originally known as the Clan Siol Andrea, meaning the race of Andrew.

 Jesse Andrus “Seigneury of Sausmarez” by Jesse Andrus on Myspace

Apr 27, 2011 – My cousins De Carteret’s owned (New) Jersey and sold half to Sir Edmond Andrus making them along with John Berkley, proprietors of New Jersey. …The “Isle of Man” and “Channel Islands” are Crown dependents. The Channel Islands are not part of the United Kingdom. They are dependent territories of the English Crown, as successor to the Dukes of Normandy, they have “ancient” special relations with the Crown.

The most prominent seigneury to date is the “Seigneury of Sausmarez”, which remains the “first” of the 12 seigneuries from the 13th century to pay homage to the Queen, or her representative in official ceremonys.

The prominent names in this story from Guernsey, Jersey, Alderny, and Sark in the Channel Islands include the original “Pirates of the Caribbean” John Andros/Sausmarez, Thomas Andros, Amias Andros/SauMarez, Charles Andros, Edmund Andros, Phillip and James Saumarez, Thomas Andros de la Rue 1st Baronet, and a host of influential relatives through marriage. Part of the worlds greatest Navy, they were called “Privateers”. Their job was to seize French and Spanish ships, and split the profits with the Crown. Amias “Charles” Andros Esq. of London has a picture of King Charles II that I would like to see.

The history of Guernsey and its bailiwick: with occasional notices … – Google Books Result

Ferdinand Brock Tupper – 1854 – Guernsey (Channel Islands) – 527 pages
CHARLES II. — 1660 to 1685. The islanders had suffered so much from the exactions of the that Sir Henry De Vic, knight and baronet ; Mr. Amias Andros, was subsequently ” Resident for King Charles I. nearly twenty (20) years in

 The imperial executive in America: Sir Edmund Andros, 1637-1714 – Google Books Result   Mary Lou Lustig – 2002 – Biography & Autobiography – 339 pages  – Amias Andros defended the castle for nine years and was still on Guernsey when King Charles I was executed on 30 January 1649. Charles II, the king in exile, …(Racial bigotry and hatred was at an all time high, to the shock of many people and religious organizations, if they could execute an English King, no one was safe.)

The History Box | Chronology of New York City’s Factual “First”|1600

which continued but a year and a quarter, when under a new treaty the of colony (New Netherlands) was surrendered by the Dutch to Sir Edmund Andrus, the British representative, and renamed New York…

Encyclopedia of religion in American politics – Google Books Result
Jeffrey D. Schultz, John G. West, Iain S. MacLean – 1999 – Political Science – 389 pages Grand Rapids, Ml: William B. Eerdman’s Publishing Company, 1992. … royal governor Sir William Andros (Governor of Massachusetts Bay colony) and, when actual rebellion against Andros broke out, …


JULY 4th, 1776. Perhaps the most riveting item we have ever had: a manuscript Document Signed by Joseph Andrus, prominent patriot in the oldest town in New England…Autographed (Joseph was friend of  the 1st president  George Washington,  John Adams, and others.)

Descendants of Norman MacLeod

McLeod Clan descendants of Royal House of Norway and the Son of Olave the Black. … (Vikings) McLeod–2nd chief(tormod means normand) ;Torquil–founder of Siol Torquil; … COLONIAL AND STATE RECORD OF NC, roll #33, L Andrea Collection …Andress Research Notes

Item Title

Oct 10, 2010 – Signatures to Oath of Allegiance to King James II. and the Lords Proprietors, From James Clement of London and Charles, Lord Baltimore, photograph of an original painting of King Charles II, owned by Amias Charles Andros, Esq., of London. … Is Amias Andros the brother in law of King Charles I?

Encyclopedia Virginia: Andros, Sir Edmund (1637–ca. 1714)

Born in London, Andros enjoyed ties to the family of Charles II, served in the that he would aid New York during King William’s War (1689–1697) and raise the the second of four sons and third of seven children of Amice (or Amias) Andros

The Dublin review – Google Books Result

Nicholas Patrick Wiseman – 1877
These were Sir Henry Devic, Bart., Mr. Amias Andros above-mentioned, one of the Andros family was honoured with the office of Cupbearer to Charles II.

The Atlantic monthly – Google Books Result Gengembre Hubert – 1890
He was, at the Restoration, made vice-chamberlain to the king and treasurer of the navy, and is a prominent official figure in Charles II. These lie clearly mirrored in a letter to his friend, Amias Andros, a Guernsey gentleman,

Bulletin of the New York Public Library – Google Books Result York Public Library – 1898 – Reference
1712 Portrait : Charles II., King of Great Britain.King Charles the IId. “From the original picture in possession of Amias Charles Andros …why?

The men and women of the Wadsworth family have secured a

However, a new king, James II, appointed Sir Edmond Andrus as governor over all New England, and instructed him to retrieve the charter from the citizens of

Archaeologia Americana: transactions and collections of the … – Google Books Result

American Antiquarian Society – 1874 – United States
A Narrative of the Miseries of New England, By Reason of the Government of Sir Edmund Andrus. (Anonymous.) London, Printed. Boston.

Sketches of New England divines – Google Books Result

.David Sherman – 1860 – Christian biography – 443 pages But it so happened that this government pleased neither party, (British or American interests) and hence was soon succeeded by another, at the head of which was Sir Edmund Andrus as

Practical hints for the teachers of public schools – Google Books Result

George Howland1898 – Teaching giving as much emphasis to the scarlet and purple of Sir Edmund Andrus as to the skirmish at Lexington or the surrender at Yorktown.

Western camera notes: a monthly magazine of pictorial photography – Google Books Result

Minneapolis Camera Club, National Association of Amateur Photographers – 1901 – Photography
The doings of Sir Edmund Andrus, Salem witch-craft, the flight of James II, King William and his war, Queen Anne, the Georges, the French and Indian wars, ..

The Life and Legacy of Jonathan Wadsworth (1729-1777) – Sons of ..

Unfortunately a new king in England (James II) appointed Sir Edmond Andrus as governor over all New England, and the King instructed Andrus to retrieve the

The Spirit of ’76 – Google Books Result

.1896 – Biography & Autobiography
1692, Sir Edmond Andrus; 1698. Francis Nicholson; 1705, Edward Natt; 1706, Edmund Jennings: 1710. Alexander Spots- wood (Lieut.-Gov.

A political and civil history of the United States of America: … – Google Books Result

1828 – History – 528 pages
The famous Sir Edmund Andrus was appointed governor in 1674 ; and he strongly opposed these claims of the people. His conduct was approved by his royal

Edmond Andrus – Pipl Profiles

new king in England (James II) appointed Sir Edmond Andrus as governor over all … Sir Edmond Andrus entered the town of Hartford, on Monday, October 31, … (I was with trumpeter  Johnny Coles Orchestra in the park in downtown Hartford, for an afternoon of Jazz. I don’t think it was Halloween though.)

Sketches – Google Books Result

.Lydia Howard Sigourney – 1839 – History – 216 pages
In 1687, Sir Edmund Andrus, a sycophant of the House of Stuart, Sir Edmund Andrus, proceeding to New-Haven fixed his suspicious eye on a stranger whom …(With Jay Stollman and the All-Stars I was playing a private party in New-Haven for Yale Alumni at Yale University, with a NewYork governor presiding.)       Amazing Story

Society of the Descendants of the Founders of Hartford: Captain

He was in command of the fort at Saybrook, when Sir Edmund Andrus attempted to gain the place for his master, the Duke of York, in 1675. The bravery and

“These sites make us all look at our lack of knowledge concerning the World and “Order”, and I believe after the dust settles,  it will form a stronger Union, provided we remember why we’ve been blessed in the midst of our differences. We don’t need a New World Order, we need only improve on the Orders that were given to us thousands of years ago.  If you want to be close to the Truth ( religious or scientific) this is what it says. Anything less, and the world will be heading for self destruction.”

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. (1 John 4:7-8, ESV)